Resident Funk - Standing
  • Resident Funk - Standing
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 Resident Funk is coming to your head.  Released summer of 2009, "Standing" is a rock album that sends a hard message.  Lead vocalist Chris Davis's range and power immediately hit you from the first track "Get Together" all the way to the supreme jam out in "Take Your Time".  

"This album is about our feelings on the world we live in today.  We say that it's our place, our time.   We have some interesting stories to tell," says guitarist Blake Lennon.  His masterful guitar riffs and screaming, memorable solos continue throughout and blend very well with the stylings of uber-talented saxophonist Steve Baker.  Resident Funk's "Standing" is Norman, Oklahoma's answer to what the masses keep asking for:  something different.  A great prog-rock album.  

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