The Times, They Are 'A Changing

Looking back to just a couple of years ago, I don’t think I would’ve ever imagined I’d be teaching where I am now or playing in the groups that I am now without really allowing myself to adapt to change.  I now realize that I’ve picked up so many new skills by allowing myself to transcend the genres I felt comfortable playing on the guitar and/or thought I enjoyed playing the most.  Accepting new challenges is vital for growth.  I’m challenging you to keep things fresh and seek out the information that you need.


The music world is changing at an ever-increasing rate.  The industry’s major labels are disappearing and the online movement has connected so many to the relatively unknown.  In the past month, I have dedicated myself to focusing more time reaching out online.  I've specifically attempted to connect with more musicians of all styles in my area.  To my surprise, I immediately met many new people who’ve already opened new doors for me.  Sometimes it can take a whole lot of effort for very little reward.  Sometimes it can take very little effort to receive a large reward.  Excel in your craft, whatever it may be.  If the guitar is something you want to learn, then go for it.  The Lennon School of Guitar is a place designed to help you achieve your goals.  You never know what tomorrow will bring.  Sometimes a simple reminder can spur the change needed to open a new door.

Thanks and Take Care,

-Blake Lennon